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    Week of 20 April

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    Week of 14 April

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    Week of 6 April

  • Goals for Spring 2014

    I made wonderful progress this winter after establishing for myself a set of diverse goals. In this post I’ll set myself up for similar success in the spring with a new collection of things to aim for.

  • Q2

    A quarter of progress: the benefits (and challenges) of living intentionally

  • Sunday Links

    Week of February 2

  • Kneser-Ney smoothing explained

    I explain a popular smoothing method applied to language models. The post describes Kneser-Ney as it applies to bigram language models and offers some intuition on why it works well.

  • Sunday Links

    Week of January 5

  • Sunday Links

    Week of December 29

  • My biphasic sleep experiment

    Giving a different sleep style a try

  • The wacky economics of gift-giving

    Why do we give presents rather than cash? What is it that makes some gifts offensive and others lovely?

  • Sunday Links

    Week of December 22: In which the unplanned Hayekian immersion program continues

  • Imperat aut servit: Managing our knowledge inheritance

    How do we manage the weight of our intellectual inheritance? An examination of the historical practice of writing during and after reading, and a suggested answer to that question.

  • German 2014

    A new year, a new language. I discuss the reasoning for establishing this year-long goal and detail the techniques I plan to use this year to follow through.

  • Sunday Links

    Week of December 15, 2013. More economics, with a side of Lisp.

  • Fall quarter time analysis

    A new side of timeboxing revealed.

  • Goals for Winter 2014

    I wrote in yesterday's quarterly review about living more intentionally. I'd like to begin to follow through over the next few days by establishing public goals over two time horizons: quarterly goals and yearly goals.

  • Q1

    Some necessary post-quarter reflections.

  • Sunday Links

    Week of December 8, 2013

  • Sunday Links

    Week of December 1, 2013